I cannot get into my webflow dashboard

Good day,
I cannot get into my webflow dashboard or account on my laptop. I checked my phone and I can see that my account is active. I have restarted my machine several times. All my tabs and apps are working but I cannot enter into webflow to even see what the problem is. I am beside myself as I have work to complete.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: The green shield icon shown in the browser is for AdGuard. It seems like the J.Query issues aren’t solved for every ad blocker yet. Hope they fix this bc this problem would render my website useless to any visitor using the blocker.

Which extension/widget is on the far left with the green shield?

There was a big issue with Ad Block Plus starting on Friday, I wonder if this is related, but due to an alternative ad blocker.

Thanks for the insight. The green icon is ad guard…should I remove it?