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The whole site scrambles in Internet Explorer - help!


I have a pretty scary issue with viewing the site in Internet Explorer.
It works fine for some of us, but not for others.

Sometimes the whole content it collected in the upper left corner of the site, and it looks really wierd. In Chrome there is no problem.

My version of Explorer: 11.0.9600.19230CO

I’ll attach two print screens.

Here is our site:

All the best,

You cannot use CSS features present in Webflow that are not supported in Internet Explorer.

Grid’s are only semi supported in IE11, that said, you should still be able to get them to work enough to display the site so that it’s accessible.

You can target the IE11 with CSS (via custom code) and apply padding/margin styles to get around any gap issues.

Flexbox can be safer option to use if you work around the shortcomings when IE11 is involved.

When working with older browsers that are EOL, the website can show you what features a target browser supports.

Example - Flexbox.

To be honest even flexbox is not safe for ie. I just had to disregard ie completely unless client statistics show some significant amount of users using this browser.

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Another option is to use modernizr. You can target rules to support the presence of support for a feature or not. Custom code of course. Most of the web has moved on away from IE and building support for legacy and modern browsers is expensive for clients.

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Hey guys!

Sorry for the late reply

Thank you so much for your input! :pray:

I’m sadly working with a client who is running this old version of IE on most of the employees computers (which will be the main users of the website). It’s not the most up to date business sadly and probably never will be.

I’m working on removing the Grids and using Flexbox instead, it seems like it does the trick so far!

A huge thanks for that tip!
Flexbox is something I’ve not used enough before, so I’m happy to be learning more about it.

All the best,

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Hi @webdev, are you a developer and do you offer that service?

Yep. Look at my profile for more info.

Can’t wait for Edge to use chromium, that would solve part of our worries.
Safari on the other hand does not give me much hope.

It’s crazy – IE doesn’t seem to support flexbox any more. Entire sites all completly glitched.