Webflow Interactions are not smooth or starting/stopping on time 😔

Hi Community,

I’m having trouble with Webflow Interactions and getting them to behave smoothly and also start and end at the same time. I’m trying to emulate the same photo zoom, background color-change, and button opacity change as seen here on the offerings on allbirds.com:


To be clear, I’d like for…

  1. the button to appear from 0-100% opacity and vice versa on hover-out
  2. the background photo to zoom in
  3. and the background photo to get darker

BUT for some reason when set to the same duration(s) they end at different times and look janky. Please help me get them as smooth as Allbirds.com… Hoping I’m missing something simple! PLEASE HELP. Read-only link below…

Read-Only Link: Webflow - Intro App

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