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Laggy scroll in preview + not smooth interactions on published site


One of my websites in webflow is super laggy inside the designer as well as in the preview. This problem is not transferred into the published site, but there all my interactions aren’t smooth.

I was trying to backtrack it with backups, but the choppy scroll in the designer is now happening even on very early backups, where are barely any elements, interactions, or code. I’m 100% sure that described issues are something not older than a few weeks from now (max). Seeing this on older backups looks like some bug with webflow for me. It doesn’t happen with my other pages in webflow.

I could live with a choppy designer on this site, as it is almost finished, but not smooth interactions take away a lot from the published site. I would love to resolve it somehow. The site is not heavy, also all of the interactions were working just fine until a few weeks ago. I also tried deleting different sections, but with no progress as well.

I did try different browsers, also incognito mode, login out of webflow, things look the same. All looks good on my phone tho.

Would love to hear if anyone could help me out.

Published site:


you’re using a lot of CSS blur on the circles right? Those are tremendously hard to render and animate for browsers.

Hey, thanks for responding. I started to build the site with blur o circles and found out what You just wrote. So i instead of blur im using divs with radial gradients with the same color on both sides, but with 0% opacity on one side. This way everything is super light.

Bottom line is that this morning everything is back to normal! Yesterday i’ve spent several hours trying to resolve it, and today its magically gone. Makes no sense, but I hope it will stay this way.

Makes total sense to me. Imagine the time photoshop takes to render a blurred image. Maybe a tenth of 1s? Or more depending on the size and blur radius. That’s a calculation being done by the computer, whereas an image that is already blurred is just a referenced image and the pixels need to be drawn, no calculation takes place.

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