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Interactions not behaving right while applied to different elements

Hello Webflow!

I hope my message won’t go unoticed, because these 2 bugs that I am facing, I don’t know how to solve them, aside from making a whole lot of new interactions…

Here is my read only link :

a. Everything happens on the Home Page.
b. All those bugs are only visible once the site is published or previewed within the designer panel, when checked within the Interaction preview panel the bugs are not hapenning.

First bug: Animation do not repeat the exact same movement, and create a blinking effect instead of a transition opacity.
Scroll down to the Projects grid overview, and hover over the one called Craft Beer France, this is the original root interaction, and for the project next to it on the right, the interaction is just repeated.
But notice how the sub-header are not behaving properly, the movements are wrong, they wiggle and blink instead of a smooth opacity transition.

Note: This same bugs happens on the other projects showcased as a duo on the row (because I applied the same interaction).

Second Bug : Root animation does not function, while its replicas do, but with similar bugs (like above).
Scroll down to the first row showcasing 3 projects, when you see the t-Shirt, the root interaction nested in it, which will be the one applied too all rows showcasing 3 projects), is not working.
But the replicas are working, but with bugs, and you will see the weird blink / glitch movement.

Are those bugs happening because I have too many similar elements and combo classes ?

Thanks for the help!

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Great question, @Okidoki!

I noticed within the first bug that the interactions contained “bounce” as the easing setting. Changing this to something like “ease” will stop the wiggle and blink.

Feel free to take a look at the following short video to see how I updated the interaction:

Also, I believe the blinking for the second bug is the same reason.

Feel free to let me know if the provided solutions work for you as expected.

And if you have any additional questions, I’ll be happy to help further.

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