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Background color change & interaction fade

Hi there! Help!

I’m putting together a site with color changing backgrounds (based off PixelGeek’s cloneable example seen here ).

I’m having the following issues:

  1. The color background from a background not yet set to be “in use” ( but in the backgrounds section nonetheless ) is showing up for a split second during the first color background transition ( a bright cyan-ish color ). You can see it flash when you scroll back down.

  2. The page’s first section content - consisting of a blue figure on the left and a quote & arrow on the right - is not fading back in fast enough, regardless of offset settings placed in it’s interaction settings. The scroll bar has to hit the very very top in order for them to fade back in, and I thought offset settings would change this.

My page is viewable here:
Share link is below.

Here is my public share link:
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Scratch that gonna try a different layout.

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