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Webflow HTML link widget chooser in CMS link fields feature request

Why isn’t there an option to link to a reference page via through an HTML Embed?

I need to set up a <a href=""></a> to link to a reference page the exact same way I can if I were to just put a link block in the editor.

Why is this not allowed?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You can do this. Not sure why you think you can’t.

In a collection, create a custom field, set the field to Link. Go to collection item, add a link. Bind link field to a link, or add as an attribute to an embed element.

I want to link to the referenced item without manually entering the url to that item in the collection field for each item, just like you do from a regular link block when you link the pink sheet icon to the referenced CMS page

That feature does not exist. See if it exists in the wishlist, if not feel free to add one. I would vote for it.

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