Can be URL placed in Collection Field Help Text?

Is it possible to link to an asset within the help text of a CMS Field?

For example, I want to add the link to a specific design in Canva right in the help text so my client can go right to it and create the new image.

Note: Screenshot updated to show the editor and “help text” area more clearly.

However, the link is not active/clickable. I tried wrapping a anchor tag around, but that didn’t work either.

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

hi @this it will be nice feature but I’m afraid that will be ever possible for security reasons. That said you can still have URL in this input field and all your clients have to do is to highlight URL and right mouse click will open option to browse link with option to open it in browser. Once they open it they can place link into their bookmarks. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying about security… All I’m looking for is the ability to place a link in the “Help text” that appears below the label to guide Collaborators using the editor.

As you stated, they can copy and paste the url into a new tab or window, but that is cumbersome. It would be much more convenient for a collaborator to just click the link and the asset they need for that custom field would open in a new window (e.g. the google doc with the blog post draft inside, or a Canva project with the image needed…)

Does that make sense?

hi @Zephyr simple answer is here

Here is what I have meant with highlight and open. Of course if they will be doing this 20 times per day it will be annoying and that’s why there is an option to place it into their bookmarks and use link as reminder note.

hope that cleared my response :wink:

@Stan sure makes sense, and if that’s what I’m limited to, then I guess it’ll do. Sure would be nice if WF allowed html in the help text lines of the editor to give our clients easy access to external resources they may need when creating posts or other CMS items.

hi @Zephyr I don’t thing that adding extra field for each CMS field as option to hold links will ever happen as there are more important things to be fixed and added but you can place your idea into wishlist. If you do not have further questions related to your request feel free to close it as solved.

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