HTML embed element is missing in CMS Collection Fields

I must add Custom Embed Element to CMS fields.

Custom HTML / Embedd is missing on CMS Collection Fields selector.

I would like to do this without manual html export and doing lookup uri > div container replace > ftp.
How to add custom HTML/Embedd on CMS field selector? Each CMS page under this collection will have its own separate html / embedd.

Hey @miekwave,

This isn’t a bug. HTML/Embed is currently not available for CMS.

What is it you’re trying to display for each CMS post?


I need link buttons to pass different dynamic data-attributes based on CMS collection item for commerce as ‘CMS links’ do not work (uri query perams doe snot work for this instance) and custom embedding of Facebook / IG PAGE and/or Post. Those are just 2 examples. The FB / IG works fine on static pages, and commerce is fine for the most part, but certain specific values i’d ike to embed within CMS only without having to export, however certain CS elements need to only display a specific page or post(s), it works as intended on static pages and generic CMS pages that all share one value. I’m messing with css html embed +Add Field, but this would be a lot easier if I can simply snip unique html as a custom HTML object per CMS unit. The most important thing is to autohide the Embed where its not present but serve embed where it is present in the CMS show/hide filters per page

Hi @miekwave

This is definitely possible – you can check out how through this detailed tutorial:

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for sharing.
I hope to see add custom html element as CMS Collection Item in the future.

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