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In my form I want the user to be able to add a link. The link will then be added to the CMS collection list using Flow. However, I in the Flow I have no options to choose from which input I can add my link (image). In the CMS collection, there is a Link. In the form I have text input set to plain as it seem to be the most promising one. I also have have a Link as an item is added in the CMS collections list.

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Webflow tends towards strong data types and they don’t align in some places.

For example a Link field in the CMS can be bound to a Link element.
However since there isn’t an input link type of input element, Webflow doesn’t have a path towards capturing a link in an form, and then using Logic to bind it to a link CMS field.

You could change your link CMS field to a text field and that would bind. However to connect that to a clickable link element, you’d need to bind it to something other than a link element. Custom elements are good for this, or use it in an embed.