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Webflow Forms/Calculating a score (Maybe using Zapier?)

Hi All,

I have created a 40 question language test using Webflow Forms on my site which at the moment just sends an email with the answers. I am now looking to see if I can automate the scores so we do not have to work this out each time. After doing some searching it looks like I need js code to do this but I have no idea how as I have never done web dev before. I guess that means I have 2 possible options…

Option 1 - Javascript - Is this crazy hard or would I be able to take an example bit of code and edit as needed?

Option 2 - Zapier - I thought about maybe using Zapier and sending the results to some other form builder where I can add IF/Case statements but then I thought it seemed a bit crazy building a webflow form to send the results to another form builder.

So in short I was just after some advice on where and how I could proceed. My preference is to keep it all webflow if possible.

PS Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my question.

JavaScript would be your best bet. Update us when you have decided which way to proceed.

OK, Thanks. JavaScript it is!
However as someone with 0 javascript experience is this something I can realistic do?
My background is ETL/SQL so I literally have no idea where to start.

Does anyone have a example I can look at?:flushed:

I cast a vote for Zapier Email Parser and toss it into a Google Sheet that auto-calculates scores based on responses.

Zapier is an awesome tool and will help keep any workload off the website.

hmm interesting option, I’ll take a peak.Thanks

I do something similar, just not on a website. I track my car gas mileage pretty religiously, when I fill up I enter in the fillup details, then open my spreadsheet that has some formulas there already. I would like to develop it a bit further but I would really need to get into a database of some sort for that really.

In another spreadsheet, for my taxes, I input some expenses, choose a classification option, which then puts the amount added to another section to give me a total for that class of spending (i.e. meals, transportation…). For this, you’ll need to look into to help with that. Works great once setup.

PS The HTML for each question and answer looks like this…

    <label for="field" class="testlabel">1. _____ veinte años.</label>
    <div class="w-radio w-clearfix testradiobutton">
      <input id="Soy" type="radio" name="Q1" value="Soy" data-name="Q1" class="w-radio-input testradiobutton">
      <label for="Soy" class="w-form-label">Soy</label>
    <div class="w-radio w-clearfix testradiobutton">
      <input id="Estoy" type="radio" name="Q1" value="Estoy" data-name="Q1" class="w-radio-input testradiobutton">
      <label for="Estoy" class="w-form-label">Estoy</label>
    <div class="w-radio w-clearfix testradiobutton">
      <input id="Tengo" type="radio" name="Q1" value="Tengo" data-name="Q1" class="w-radio-input testradiobutton">
      <label for="Tengo" class="w-form-label">Tengo</label>

So the questions are all named Q1, Q2 Q3 etc… Q1 looks like this…

  1. _____ veinte años.
    and the 3 options are either Soy, Estoy or Tengo

Sorry, I edited after you responded/same time as.

The link I gave you should be the perfect fit for that!

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