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Creating an assessment tool

Hi guys, I have a client who would like to create an assessment tool as a webpage and I’m really not sure if this is possible in Webflow (I’m a newbie here!). Their requirements are that the viewer is presented with a series of questions and the viewer must select a rating between 1-5 for each different question. Their ratings across the series of questions are then tallied up and depending on their score they are presented with a different message. So for example a score of 1-10 would give you a red rating, a score of 11 - 20 would show a yellow rating, and 21 – 30 would show a green rating.

I’ve tried to work out how this could be done/whether this is possible – from what I’ve found out, I believe you’d need to have a way of storing the input data, processing and calculating the resulting data and presenting the output message/conditional information. From my limited understanding this may be possible with Javascript/JQuery.

Would anybody be able to help me work out where to begin? I’m hesitant to run with designs for something that may not be possible!

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

This type of form is usually much easier to accomplish with a third party form processor that includes conditionals and logic flows. I use typeform, jotform, and machform for these scenarios since it is faster and easier to maintain them than custom code.

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Thanks so much for your quick reply Jeff, I appreciate your advice. I’ll explore those platforms. Would you then create the form in say typeform and embed that into your Webflow project or would you simply design and use in typeform? Sorry for all the questions - just trying to understand the best workflow :slight_smile:

This is the approach I usually take. I just try to have a clean page to cut down on clutter. You have a few choices with Typeform so you can explore what works best for you.

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Many thanks for taking the time to answer, Jeff. I’ll go away and have an experiment with those options you suggested and see what I can do.