Webflow Form + Zapier custom code?

Hi there :slight_smile:

As Webflow doesn’t yet support autoreply to the email adress used to fill in the form, I am at the moment using the very powefull Zapier integration. Everything works fine, even set up a parser zapier mailbox to better format my email template but I am still missing something.

Now I know Webflow doesn’t support questions reguarding 3rd party services but maybe I’m lucky with the online community :slight_smile: I would need to implement a line of code in Zapier, to remove the lines that were not set by the user when filling the form in Webflow.

All the lines that were not filled in, are marked with a “0” value. This is my only constant. My idea is to find every single “0” and kill every line that would contain the “0” value. Now, with the Zapier Formater option, I know how to find and replace an element, but it will involve code, to find an element and destroy the entire line that contains that constant element.

Would you guys have an idea, or a direction I should be looking at (javascript or jQuery) ? So that I could implement a code action within my Zapier integration ? :slight_smile:

It seems like you could use Reshape API to clean and format lines which have a specific number or just empty. I would select items which has the number 6 and then only pass that along to Zapier.