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Add form data to excel/google doc via zapier then retrieve cell and display value in webflow?


I’m building an app prototype that asks a user a bunch of questions, giving a score for each and adding those scores to an excel/google docs spreadsheet using zapier’s “webflow form submission to excel” zap.

The excel form then performs calculations on the data added from webflow and and outputs a ‘score’ in a cell.

Is there any way possible for me to get the score number from this cell and display back to the user in webflow?

I know typeform can do this but I need to be able to build the questions myself in webflow to have full control over the design.

Thanks for any advice.

Do you need the results stored in the Google sheets, or is it just used for calculation?

Hi Sam, ideally both! The data should be stored along with the calculated score that was shown back to the user…

Why not just calculate frontend directly on Webflow and just display + send that result to sheets?

Thanks Sam, that sounds like the best way. My JS skills are fairly amateur but I’ll get into it!

If you try something first, you can easily ask for feedback if you get stuck.

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