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Ask some questions and calculate a score

Hi Guys,

I’m a big fan of for my surveys, but now I want something a bit different. I’m looking for a way to have users fill in 5 questions (based on Multiple choice, or if possible with a range slider) and calculate a score realtime based on those questions. I want the result to be a score between 1 and 10, calculated based on their answers. Thus, not as advanced as this site, but with a live score functionality such as this.

Maybe there’s an option already in WF @vincent ?

If not, as I’m a newb when it comes to JS or Jquery, that seem the tools for the job, I’m asking my question here. Where should I go to make this my own code (instead of using services [like these][3]).

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I don’t think WF forms do more than sending you the data you collect. A more elaborated feature as you described has to be develop.

So the answer to your question is either find a developer to handle that for you, or a ready made JS to add to your site.

But here, JS and forms are outside of my knowledge domain, so I wont be able to provide more help than this.

Not surprisingly @vincent is right. You will need someone to develop the JS to calculate scores based on user answers.

It shouldn’t someone who is proficient in JS long to do it. Depending on how complex your tests are.

You can certainly design most of the test’s look with Webflow. We will be able to do more once the Webflow team adds support for the other native HTML5 input types like type="range" .