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Forms on Third Party Hosting

Hello, I am posting a new topic for this because I am reading conflicting answers on the forum.

I want to design a form in Webflow, but the website is going to be hosted on a third party platform, and I will not be purchasing Webflow hosting for this website (client’s request). If I create the form in Webflow but host third party, will the form submissions still work or do I need to look at a third party form solution?

If the answer is a third party form solution, where can I find some how-to information for that? I’d like to use something free like Google Forms or something but design the look of the form in Webflow. Please help, thank you.

It will still work as long as you maintain / do not modify the wf-page and wf-site attributes in the html tag.

<html data-wf-page="572b49159fewef84f92303f7665" data-wf-site="572b4gsdd9159ef84f92303f7666">

If you change / remove the attributes… form mailing will break.

A copy of the message will appear in your dashboard… and likely the email address you setup to receive the message.

I think the reason he’s seeing or getting mixed info on this is because of that change that was made last year where old plans were grandfathered in and everyone else had to have a Webflow hosting plan in order to use forms.

Was that officially rolled back? All I remember was finding out that I was grandfathered in.

There is always this: How To on using your own form processor with webflow form

Ok so my account is less than a year old and the site will be brand new. So does that mean I do need webflow hosting for forms? Because I’m not using webflow hosting.


From my understanding… No.

I have a Team Plan.
— I publish (temporarily to see the site during development)… the forms work.
— When I export the site and upload it to my own server… the forms work.
— When I export the site and modify the code to use my own mail server… the Webflow forms don’t even exist.

So for you…

If you PUBLISH a website (url is:

  • Webflow is hosting your website for free on a 3rd level domain.
    . (io is Level 1 / webflow is Level 2 / myproject is Level 3)
  • Webflow forms will work.

If you EXPORT a website (url is:

  • Your are self-hosting
  • Webflow forms will work… as long as your don’t modify the wf-attributes I mentioned above.

If you EXPORT a website (url is:

  • And modify / remove the wf-attributes (assumption is you want to self-mail)
  • Webflow forms NOT will work.

If you HOST with Webflow (url is:

  • You cannot modify / remove the wf-attributes
  • Webflow forms will work.
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