How to format submission form data?

Hey every,

So one of my biggest headaches with Webflow is the current way in which information is collected from forms and then relayed. It comes in one huge chunk. Currently I’m designing a website for a client who needs to have a large form to collect information. This includes ratios and text fields.

I was just wondering if there is a way that I am unaware about that allows me to format the email template in so that it displays unique identifiers, i.e. if I wanted to display only the name in the email template would I be able to use {{formData.Name}} ?

Also is there a way to hide false variables in the formData especially in regards to checks and ratio boxes? Example is that of an optional checkbox, if its not checked, right now it returns a false variable. I would just like to have this filtered out and only return variables that are true.



Hi there @davidkthao,

From what I’m aware of, you can’t really style your form data within Webflow. I had exactely the same issue and found an excellent workaround using Zapier services.

What I did is the following:

  1. I set up a Zapier parser mailbox
  2. I told webflow to submit form data to that specific parser mailbox
  3. within that parser mailbox, you can define specific fields
  4. back to zapier, you connect your zap with that parser mailbox
  5. you then pull the field you want from that mailbox into your zapier template
  6. you style your template the way you want with html markup
  7. you then can ask zapier to send that email to whereever you want

The cool thing with Zapier parser mailbox, is that you can dynamically parse who sent the form through your webflow interface, then use that field to ask Zapier to automatically send an email back to that person, which is great for confirmation emails for example.

Regarding your wish of having only infos that are true to be displayed, you can do that within Zapier too using a “code action” to detect fields that are “false” and delete the whole line. This is however an advanced option and couldn’t make it work so far as I’m no programmer. But the option is there and had confirmation from the Zapier team such action is possible - they do not however provide support for custom code.

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Hey Anthony, thanks for your feedback. I’ll give this a shot.