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Zapier - How to delete empty checkbox values?

Has anyone an idea how to:
Delete empty checkbox values of a webflow form?
with Zapier?

Example Data of the form submission:
checkbox1: false
checkbox2: false
checkbox3: true

I just want the values which are true.


Hey, I have a similar issue. Did you find a solution for it?

Hey there,
the requirements for my project changed through the process. So have no solution for it.

My Idea for getting this done was:

  1. Send the Webflow Form Data to Zapier
  2. Find & Replace Text with Regular Expression (/^[\d\w -]+: (\n|$)/gm) (I had a developer doing this part for me. Obviously :))
  3. Send this Data via Gmail

Maybe this approach will help you with your Problem

I have something similar only I want the data to be displayed in a google spreadsheet.

So when you said that you had a developer do the “Find & Replace with Regular Expression”, do you mean that he had to do some custom coding in Webflow or he just set up the Zapier Text Formatter for you? In a way where you got the text displayed with values instead of the default “true & false” without the false statements.

If it’s not too much to ask, can you maybe share the custom code if you used it, or the Zapier Text Formatter setup because I can’t seem to figure it out :confused: . That would be awesome!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The Idea was to replace the values in Zapier. Here is the Setup:

Maybe that helps :slight_smile:

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