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Webflow form integration with Zapier and ActiveCampaign

Hi all,

Just to preface the post by saying that I am not technical in any way so do not know code.

I have setup two or three forms in Webflow that I am using in conjunction with Zapier and ActiveCampaign. The user will complete the form and the data will be sent via Zapier to ActiveCampaign so I can maintain an email list.

The form settings in Webflow give me the options for ‘Post’ or ‘Get’ as seen in the screen shot. I don’t know what these options mean and if I need to set one of them for the details to be transferred over to ActiveCampaign via Zapier.


Looking to see if someone know what setting needs to be used. I have searched the Webflows / Zapiers / ActiveCampaigns forum without much joy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, I’m about to run into this. Have you gotten AC and Webflow to work together successfully?