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Small question regarding forms, Zapier and mail address to send form submissions to

Hi everyone,

Relatively new to Webflow, but love the ease of low code designing with optional coding possibilities for when everything needs to be done.

I have a small question regarding the forms page in Project settings. Currently I am working on a website with forms that also have a Zapier webhook connected. My client wants to have responses of one of the forms sent to a mail address directly instead. Webflow has the possibility to send submissions directly to a mail-address, but it seems as if it is an ‘all or nothing’ option.

I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to select per form which ones are going to be sent to the filled in mail address in the Forms tab of the project settings?
  2. Should I choose to fill in the mail address anyway, will this override the Zapier webhooks and stop triggering them?

While I could check the second question by trial and error, I do not wish to do so as the site is currently already live and extensively used.

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter!

Hey @D.VanderS welcome to the forum and Webflow!

So from my knowledge, there is no way to select specific forms to send via the email function and others not to.

And the email function will have no impact on the webhook/zapier integration. Both will occur.

I would recommend to use zapier for all form submissions with some different flows depending on what form is filled. So some will just be simple and send an email, while others more complex.

I have one site that has 6 different forms, that has a different flow for each form. Works great. :+1:

Hi Drew,

Thank you for the - in hindsight - elegant solution. I have indeed altered the Zapier Zap to do exactly what I wanted and it works like a charm.