Sending data from forms to mail

help please!

I’m sure there must be a way.

From Webflow there is a recommendation to connect to the MailChimp service. This was not the most convenient solution for the purpose of getting data from forms to mail. After the Mailchimp policy changes, it is no longer possible to use all the features of Webflow forms.

How to get data from Webflow forms using Webflow interface? Perhaps there are some services that can be used in the Action – Post field in Webflow?

How do I send data from my Webflow forms without using third-party forms or code?

Thank you very much! :blush:

Hi, I am not quite sure what your objective is? Do you want form contact info pushed to mailchimp for campaign management? What is the workflow you want? thanks

I need to send data from my website forms to my email. Website after export from Webflow.

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oh ok, Haven’t had to do this. What about mapping to google forms or airtable? Been on my list to try for a hosted webflow site.

Almost every site is made in Webflow has a form? How do people get data from them?

Sorry I thought you meant the site was an exported / non webflow hosted site. Is that not the case?

Of course exported. The site on hosting Webflow send the data without problems. As I know

Hi @Stas_Kibe,

Most of what we do is use Zapier to send form data to whatever 3rd party app we choose. Actually @rileyrichter just did a whole MeetUp in OKC the other night on this subject alone.

Here is his YouTube link for that stream:

Hope this answers your questions!

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Cool! Thanks a lot! It seems that this is what you need! I hope this applies to sites that are not hosted by Webflow.

This article says that you need to take the URL from the third-party form service that you can either integrate with your Webflow forms. What is this third-party form service is best? Which one gives the action URL?