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Integrate form submissions with ActiveCampaign

Does anyone understand how ActiveCampaign can be integrated via a Webflow form? Their tech team doesn’t actually know how it can be done.

I have the same issue.

Hey guys! I am looking at the native ActiveCampaign integration and I gotta say I am also rather confused.

If you’re not totally against using a third-party app, I’d suggest checking out Integromat. You can have a look at the integration pages of both Webflow and ActiveCampaign to see what the options are.

It, of course, depends on what exactly you’re looking to do. You could, for example, watch out for new Webflow form submissions and

  • create/add a new contact in ActiveCampaign
  • create/update a task in ActiveCampaign
  • create a new campaign in ActiveCampaign

Or all of those as Integromat lets you create automations with multiple steps and pathways :nerd_face:

Full disclosure: I work for Integromat but I also genuinely believe it could solve the issues you’re having