Upload form submission to ftp server

Hi guys!

Currently building a website for a client using WebFlow, one of my first projects with the platform. Absolutely love it so far! So powerful!

So the to the question at hand: My client wishes one specific function that I have a hard time figuring out: All submitted forms on the website are to automatically be uploaded to a ftp server as a file. (Not sure if it is as a csv or another type of text file.)

What would be the easiest way to achieve this? Any tips and suggestions would be most welcome! My first thought was to use zapier and I found a couple of apps that might be the solution, but they seem very expensive. (Brick FTP and Uploadcare.)

The client also mentioned that they have solved this earlier with custom php code integrated with the forms (wordpress site). But my guess is that custom PHP on a WebFlow site is a no go?

Thanks guys!

Øyvind Hermans


You could look at a third party form processor, but I am not aware of ANY that would support a workflow that dropped a text file via FTP. That sounds like a custom app, tapping the API or get the client to support a zapier integration (dropbox, S3, etc.).

Thanks for the reply webdev! :slight_smile: