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Attach file - Contact form


What would be the best way to integrate the “attach file” capacity to a webflow contact form ?

This far I’ve tried jotform (which causes a privacy alert on chrome when submitting the form) and various js templates with which I have not been really lucky at all :confused:

Any suggestion will be very appreciated !

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Here is a third-party platform with a Webflow specific tutorial:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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And then, after you’ve done what Pixelgeek mentioned, you do this:

Check out what you want to do when your file is on uploadcare. Because, actually, it’s just there. It doesn’t do anything.


Isn’t uploadcare that service that is only free when uploading images ? and that for being able attach other documents is necessary to upgrade to a paid subscription ?I was looking for a free solution that is compatible with text documents like PDF of Doc files…

Hey thank you ! It’s not the one I thought it was !

I’m finding trouble with uploading documents but it just looks as an easy to fix js configuration line.

It looks super nice ! Thank you so much !!

“Add billing info to enable non-image file uploads”

So it was the one I thought at first…

Is not possible to upload pdf, doc or docx files with the free plan right ?

Any free alternative ?

Is there any way to make the image uploaded attach to the email when a user hits send on a form? I saw the Zapier notification function, but it’d be easier to have the actual file attached to the form email that comes from Webflow.

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