Webflow Form - Additional people for Sign Up page?

Hi everyone, I am creating a page for a competition at a film festival which requires individuals and teams to sign up by providing their info and paying the entry fee. I as wondering if it would be possible to create a sign up form in Webflow that allows additional team member info to be added. Here is a mock up of that:

There is also payment at the end which changes depending on the number of team members (upto 8 in total). For payment to be linked to the form, should get the eCommerce addon or can I use regular PayPal integration with the form? I suppose it would be easier to manage that with eCommerce service as it might automate a few things. And a mock up of the payment info:


I personally think you would be better served using a third-party form product, that has the features you need, and supports payment processing. There are quite a few listed in the University, that integrate well with Webflow.

Thank you so much, I will have a look now. Is there any in particular you would recommend? I am already using MailChimp for Newsletter signups so will have a look at them first.

Mailchimp does not provide a form engine. Just email marketing and signups.

Personally, I host my own custom solutions and other third party engines like machform.com to avoid limits and extra fees. For a cloud solution you should be fine with: jotform, formstack, machform, typeform, wufoo. Much will depend on payment processing requirements.

Thanks @webdev, I had a look at several of the services you mentioned but so far can’t find any that supports multiple registrations on same form and updating price accordingly. Maybe I am missing something there.

Take a deep look at jotform. Using or adapting your logic to work with a form engine is much cheaper than custom development, which is always an option if you have a budget.

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