Custom checkout form on webflow - is this possible?

Hi all!

Hoping someone has some experience integrating a custom PayPal form into webflow. Here’s what we’re trying to achieve.

This is a subscription sign up form for an opera company. Includes options for seat section, opera series, quantity, and optional donation. CC and PP checkout options.

Can this be done in webflow? If so, we’re looking to get a quote.

Not at this time. You could embed an external third-party form that would meet your goals or just link to one.

I deploy custom forms like this all the time, with other tools. You can PM me if you need assistance.

Thanks for the response @webdev

I will pm you

Hi @DigtalCrusader.
Josh from Foxy here. We’ve helped other Webflow users with a similar setup to what you’ve described. With Foxy, you can accept payments via Webflow’s Form Builder:

We’re more than happy to put together a demo for you. Please DM or email us (


Thanks @foxy, I will check out the kb article!

Hi @DigtalCrusader.
Sounds like a plan. Let us know if you’d like to see a more customized demo, specific to your needs. We’re more than happy to put together a proof of concept for you.


@DigtalCrusader did you ever find a solution to this? Seems like I’m trying to do something similar

@webdev i’m not able to send direct messages, but I’m interested in what your advice would be

I’m trying to use a form to customize product options (radio buttons, text inputs, file uploads) and then purchase the product on submission, or at least proceed to a checkout form. The form data needs to be connected to the product order somehow.

Is this possible?


I found to be a straightforward and easy way to add products and checkout to my site with a complex order form. Foxy can do it as well, and is more powerful in some ways, but it took less effort for me at Paperform. I’m not sharing this as a promotion for them, just as a user who just went through the process of picking a third party form tool to embed.

If you plan it right, you can easily export your Products CMS as a .csv, trim it to the relevant fields, and import it to Paperform, and you can built more complicated interactions from there with Zapier if you need, but Paperform has everything needed to catch an order and process payments.

If you do use them, using this referral link to get there will save us both 10%, but this is a genuine testimony not a click-fishing response.

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thanks @complexYamen I’ll check it out