Event Registration Form Help

I am in need of an event form that I can embed on my WF site. The form must have a place for people to register, name and email. The form must have a limit for the amount of tickets/attendees, would be nice to say sold out when the limit is reached and possibly a ticker letting people know how many seats are available. The ability to register multiple people at once would be nice. Automatic emails letting the person know that they have registered… The tickets are free so payment is not necessary.

I looked at Eventbrite but that is very limited unless I am missing something. The company I work for uses Wordpress and use a plugin for events called The Event Calendar, so something like that would be fine, but not Wordpress… ugh…lol

I’ve spent hours looking for the right form and nothing. Any help would be appreciated as I am in a jam here trying to get this accomplished.

Sorry I don’t have a read only link the site is not at that stage for events yet.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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