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Hi folks! I’m new to Webflow but absolutely loving it. I’m looking for some insight and advice regarding a site that I’m building for a local art studio that offers classes and workshops. I’m using the CMS feature to allow instructors to add and edit classes but I’m stuck trying to figure out how to handle registering for those classes. They currently use Paypal to handle payment.

Here’s what I’ve of so far:

  1. First I thought about giving each class/workshop it’s own registration form with a Paypal button but my problem here is that each registration form needs to go to the instructors that are teaching the class and so far I’ve seen that Webflow doesn’t support this kind of feature of multiple form recipients.

  2. So next I thought about integrating with Eventbrite which looks like to have some solid integration on Webflow but I’m worried the instructors won’t want to edit their classes on two different platforms.

  3. Lastly, should I just try using the Ecommerce feature for the classes? I haven’t tried this yet.

I realize this might be a vague question but I’m wondering if anyone in the community has any advice or has had a similar situation.


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I think Eventbrite might be your best integration/easiest use for your customers at this point.


You could use GumRoad for individual class registration.

Or you could use a system like for membership profiles. Reach out to @DuncanHamra, as they should have a solution for one off purchases, now or in near future.


Thanks! Yeah I think you’re right on this one. I think using Zapier to connect the classes/workshops collection list with the Eventbrite organization might help eliminating the instructors having to edit the course content on multiple platforms.


Thanks! Wow looks legit! I’m going to look into this. They have use cases for Clubs and Associations. Thanks again!


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