Webflow for Freelancers with multiple Clients

Hi, if i use webflow for different Clients with different Webpages, do i have to buy a freelancer plan for each client? Or is there a plan where i can manage different Domains in one plan?

You only need a Freelancer plan for your own workspace.
If your clients want their own workspaces, or you want to set them up that way for billing reasons, they can use the free Starter workspace plan.

Note that unhosted sites ( no site plan ) are limited to the features of the workspace, so if you have a Freelancer plan, and your client has a Starter plan, best to build the site in your workspace, and then transfer it to their workspace and add a hosting plan as soon as it’s ready to go live.

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Thx, for the quick answer. So i need only one Freelance Plan and for each client-website with an individual Domain i have to buy an extra site-plan.

If you’re hosting those sites on Webflow, yes.

Just make certain to buy that site plan after the site is in the workspace that you want to pay for that site hosting plan.