How to manage multiple websites?

Hey guys I’m a freelancer and I’m looking for a solution to manage multiple clients sites without them paying for it, while they will have access to it

My question : Do you have a solution for it, and how much will it cost ?

Thank you

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Hi @MathieuB
You should get a freelancer plan, then your client can add you as a guest to their workspace at no additional cost to the client

Hey @Smith-Cordell thank you for your answer. On the pricing page I don’t find it, do you have any infos how I can suscribe it, and also prices & what’s included ?

For a simple one pager, is that possible to buy a design from the market place and use a free subscription ?

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On the pricing page, there is a tab to switch to account plans, then you can select for agencies and freelancers and it will show you the correct plan.

You can use a free subscription, but you will need a site plan if you want to publish to a custom domain.

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Thanks for your answer, I found it.

So as I understand well if I want to publish websites on custom domain, I should take a workspace plan + a site plan ?

And if I want to build 10 websites for clients, how much site plans should I take ?

Its very unclear

No. Site plans and account plans are two separate things.

A site plan is for the site and covers the software that runs that site, the hosting, and CDN.

You can build a website in Webflow and get a site plan, and that’s all you need.

If you want to support clients, it’s best to have an account plan because you can have multiple sites that don’t have hosting attached (that will later be transferred to clients once they pay you), have the ability to export code, and be able to join other businesses workspace at no cost to the client.