Number of hosted sites on webflow

I have two questions regarding pricing and support work for Webflow premium plans.

  1. I want to host multiple websites with custom domains, do I have to purchase individual plans for each website or can I take one plan and host all of them under that (Obviously keeping the restrictions in mind on the limits for each element in webflow)

  2. I plan to host a few websites I will build for a client. Can I host them on my plan? and do I have to take a separate plan for everything?

Each hosted site needs its own site plan.
A single site can have multiple domain names, but they all point to that one site only.

The workspace plan is a separate thing, and is related to your design-time experience with unhosted sites, meaning sites that do not yet have a site plan. It determines what kind of design-time capabilities you get. Once the site has a site plan, that site plan is the only thing that matters.