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Webflow Export to Github Automation


I recently came across an application called Flowgator that automates a Github push of your sites code each time you publish.

I’m really interested in how the automation steps after each publish goes. There’s a webhook for this that you can listen to, but what happens after that?

Some kind of wget that downloads the code for the whole site and pushing it through the Github API? There isn’t any export endpoint for the Webflow API that I might have missed?

I’m not sure if the creator of flowgator is on this forum, but if he/she is and would like to explain how the export to Github works it would be amazing. And if anyone else knows how this could be done as smoothly as possible, feel free to share. :slight_smile:

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Just gonna bump this one once, in case it got buried :slight_smile:

Looks like @bartosz built this.

Oh, that’s cool. Let’s hope he sees the thread :slight_smile:

Hi @robingranqvist,
Sorry for the late reply. Flowgator works exactly as you described. There is no API endpoint for GitHub export or any export for that matter. That is why Flowgator was created.

Why do you ask? Do you need any help?

Hi @bartosz!

Is Flowgator dead? The website doesn’t work on my side :confused:

That one time when I used it it was quite buggy and didn’t export the website properly — the idea is lit tho!

I suspect it is, site has been down for some time.

Yep, I guess they were taken down by Webflow — probably because Flowgator violated TOS but I might be wrong about that.

@webdev @robingranqvist

I developed a tool that pushes the whole webflow site to github, everytime you hit the publish button!

Its called FlowHub and it will be online in a few weeks, the website officially and the dashboard is already online available and use-able.

It actually

  • Pushes the website to GitHub every-time it gets updated - Automated

  • Underlines the design changes in github line per line

  • Inlines CSS files (for better performance)

  • Removes the Webflow Badge (even without a plan)

  • Has a intelligent prefetching technology (No, not a default prefetching, rather than similar than service worker, but even faster response times)

  • Lazy Loads more intelligent images than webflow (more intelligent)

  • Built-in Automatic Image Optimization

  • Copies 1:1 the whole page structure as your webflow page structure

  • Should also work fine with CMS based sites

  • You can even host your website directly to a Domain (Custom Domains will be later available) > with a click of a button

  • More Features in the future!

For now you can actually use the latest plan for free.

Also there will be free, advanced and pro plan for users.

Join this discord FlowHub to send me your email address to sign up!

Let me know your email-addresses, so I can sign up you all for the BETA Testing Program!

Hi, @flashsites!

I’m interested in your project, so I’ll be glad to get beta testing.

Is your service similar to Flowgator (Press F to pay respects) or is it an entirely different story? I’m curious about the unavailability of custom domains right off the bat because GitHub allows enabling them for free. Also, is FlowHub free? If not, then what’s the pricing? If it’s free, then why and how do you make money off it (if you do, ofc)?

What I’m really interested in is to publish my websites to GitHub in a few clicks — better, if I just need to publish websites in Webflow and that’s it.

All the best,

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FlowHub is going to be similar than flowgator, but with many advanced features and more intelligent.

Let me explain the features in pricing:

3 plans:


  • 1 Webflow Project
  • Unlimited Pages from webflow
  • Automated Deployment to GitHub
  • Custom Domains (Self-Serve)


  • Included from free +
  • 5 Webflow Projects
  • Remove FlowHub Branding
  • Track Design Changes on GitHub


  • Included from advanced +
  • Unlimited Webflow Projects
  • Subdomain (Blazing fast)
  • Automatic Image Optimization
  • Lazy Loading Images (More intelligent than webflow)
  • Intelligent Prefetching
  • Inline CSS

Custom Domains built-in will follow in future :).