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Link to download the code to my private server

Is there a way to pull my exported code from my server for processing? Is there a download link, or anything similar?

I would like to automate the process of downloading/exporting/unzipping/etc of the code from my server… I want make all page design changes/edits in Webflow, and in an automated way export my code to my node.js server where I would host these pages, add backend functionality such as user account control, manipulating pages, etc…

Yes click on the Export button

The topic of having a better straight forward way to export have been discussed here, but my opinion is Webflow does enough by letting you export a zip in your download folder. You can make an automation with your system (OS X, Window, Linux) very easily. There are plethora of tools and way to achieve it. If Webflow team was spending time on such a feature, it would not fit everyone and they would lose their time.

Webflow produces pages, all the rest is system work. What they could do is a one click export though, currently you have to click twice.

If you’re on a mac, learn

I was hoping to avoid downloading the files to my local machine, to make the process quicker and more robust. Ideally I’d like to pull the code from my webserver where my code resides, and where I am used to editing it (with cloud9ide).

Perhaps I’ll look into crawling the page for a download url which I can then shoot up to my server to initiate a download, server to server…if that’s possible at all…