Code Export Automation

I’ve been on the search for a way to automate code export for a while know, but couldn’t find anything, except for a rather old forum post that has been archived and never answered.
Is there anyway to automate this process? I am quite disappointed that the API doesn’t provide a call for this, since code export is a substantial feature of webflow.




I agree that this would be a fantastic feature - some sort of push, GIT integration, pull via API etc.

We started looking at this a few months back but put it on hold. Our plan was:

  1. Publish as normal in Webflow
  2. Setup a cron job every few hours to run a wget command on the site
  3. Run a diff check on the full site
  4. FTP the files to the server if there was an update

Sadly, we haven’t really had the time to look at this properly yet to see if this is a viable process and suitable for our workflow.

Some ideas nonetheless.

I have know resorted to running a headless chromium via puppeteer to login to webflow, navigate to the designer and downloading the .zip from there.
I will publish a github repository later this week for everyone to use. It’s not great, but it does work.
The link can be found here, as soon as I pushed the repository.

If you can it would be awesome to share your efforts here. It may help someone in the future here :webflow_heart:


I sadly haven’t been able to get it working in headless mode. I’ve been trying to login to Webflow via google and for whatever reasons the id of the signIn button in google’s login modal changes in headless chrome and I haven’t been able to figure out to what exactly or find another way around that. I’m still working on it though! Will post here again if I figured something out. :slight_smile:

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You could search for it via the “sign in” string inside the button or link element

Did you manage to get this running @devPac ?

@gubikmic @iratefox @devPac