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Working with developers? Export your project to GitHub -

Hi there,
I am a developer working with designers that use Webflow. I had a problem with getting code from Webflow every time designer made changes in web design. So I have created a small app to handle that.

The app is called and it automatically exports Webflow code to GitHub every time the designer pushes Publish button in dashboard.

What do you guys think?


Wow this is really cool, thanks for making this! Are you the first to make something like this? Love it

Sure, I am glad I could help :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure I am first because I was searching for a solution and I couldn’t find anything.

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Very cool, I am actually considering using this on my next project. Are you using this more for apps/dashboards that require more development outside Webflow? Or what types of projects are you using this on?

FYI, just looked you up on Dribbble haha and saw you hadn’t been drafted yet. Just sent you an invite if you’re looking to join the plaatform!

@bartosz hat’s pretty cool indeed ! Thanks !!

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@myonke Yes, most apps I make are outside Webflow (I work with Ruby on Rails). Webflow has the best visual builder on the internet and generates the best HTML and CSS code so why not use it :slight_smile:

This app can help people who need to make more complicated apps than Webflow can handle. It makes front-end development much quicker.

Also, it helps with seeing changes between versions of code in exports. So, continuous work on website design is smooth.

@anthonysalamin Thanks!

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Do you have a live app example of something you made? Would love to check something out that started on Webflow. I am really interested in using this haha.

Flowgator started using Webflow. I have exported code and made the app :slight_smile:

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it’s awesome @bartosz thanks for the solution :peace_symbol:

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Amazing! I imagine connecting information with a Webflow site to make an app takes quite a bit. If you have a Webflow change and publish something new, does this not break what the developer has done? I just imagine that to be hard to get right between the designer and developer unless it;s the same person…

The developer has to take the code himself from Github repo and has to join it with her/his app code. So, it won’t break anything :slight_smile:

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That makes sense! If you’d ever like to collaborate on a project, let me know! I have an idea that would use Flowgator + the slack and Stripe API. Would be fun, just DM me if you have any interest in talking about it!

Wow, this is awesome!

Are you planning on supporting and developing this long term or is this only a small side project?
Because this is definitely something I would be happy to use in my workflow.

I suppose this only works with non password protected pages?

@Edvin_Kjall I will support it as long as it will be used :slight_smile:

It currently does not support password protected pages but I can make that happen. Write me on the website chat and we will talk about it

@myonke sure, I will think about it.

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That’s awesome. Can the github repo then integrate with Netlify CMS easily?

Hey, i was just trying to use your tool but it seems that you have a problem with the github auth, could you check that? :slight_smile:

Yeah, sorry for that. Everything is fixed now

Hi, @bartosz!
I’ve tried to use Flowgator to export and host my Webflow website on GitHub, but I’ve noticed some bugs when I tried to connect GitHub Pages and launch it — basically, the website was unusable due to the fact that not all the files were exported. Moreover, the CSS file that contains all classes of my website was corrupted — the name of the file was changed from name.webflow.css to name.webflow.somerandomnumbers.css.

What was that? Why did it happen? Is it intended or it’s just a bug?

To be honest, I’m quite hyped about Flowgator because it saves quite some time on exporting/uploading the website’s files to GitHub.

Thank you for your reply in advance!

P.S: I’ve tried to use the chat widget on your website but no one replied :frowning:

I’ve yet to try Stacket but @flashsites is a really nice guy who updates the app quite often and always asks for the feedback. According to his words Stacket does even more than an automatic publishing to GitHub, for example, website and assets optimization :+1:

Some features are locked behind a premium but I think they worth it, especially for those who need ‘em. Most importantly, the automatic publishing to GitHub is free (at least, that’s what I’ve heard), so that is awesome :sunglasses:

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