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Webflow error submitting form to MailChimp - 'Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.'

Problem since I published the website ‘live’ - hosting using Webflow Hosting. (Domain name pointing to here from third party).

The MailChimp subscription form last known working period was whilst building the site and using it via the Webflow preview.

Since going ‘live’ with the site, when I try to submit the form (including via the Webflow preview window) it comes up with an error, 'Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.'

If I load the form Action command as a URL:
and submit this form it works. This confirms the Action command is ok. It’s still on POST setting as well.

It seems like the published site is blocking it functioning? I don’t know what else could be causing this problem.

Greatly appreciate any help.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Same problem here.

Double-checked and followed strictly as the instructions here but without luck.

It works perfectly fine before.

New bug?!

For some reason the field tag names had changed. After correcting that, the problem was fixed.

Hey Marnix! Would you be so kind an elaborate? Having the same problem and it’s driving me crazy! Cannot seem to find the error, did everything according to MailChimp form Integration | Webflow University


Check the Field Tags names are matching to the MailChimp tags, i.e:

Hope that clarifies it!

I have a form that has worked for weeks.
Made a copy of the page, changed some colors and now . . .

I have submitted this is a problem in this forum before - got no help then.
I had to completely REBUILD the form from scratch to get it to work. (PITA)

AND: the form on the original page is now broken as well.

Yes, I have checked all field names.
Yes, I have checked the POST data
Yes, I have tried everything I can think of.
No, Webflow is not even getting the info in THEIR form data.

Sigh . . .
I wish there was REAL tech support for Webflow.

To respond to the Original Post:

It may be that the email address you are testing the form with (like your own email that you might be using when you fill out the form to test it) is already in the Mailchimp contacts list.

It will complain if that is the case, or it might just ignore you and NOT update things.

I realized one important thing, if you have fields on Mailchimp that are marked are required, and the field isn’t show or isn’t filled on your site, it’ll fail.
Took me an entire 1 hr but I figured it out - Hope that helps

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You should know that I just and only created an account here in order to thank you. This one has been bothering me all morning and I don’t think I’d have realized anytime soon.


If you’re getting the “Oops! Something went wrong” form error in webflow - MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THAT YOU DON’T NEED RECAPTCHA! I was building a simple form and i forgot to add recaptcha, which was giving me the error. Once I added the required recaptcha (it was set to ON across the site), everything worked just fine.