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WF form fails to send email data to Mailchimp


I’ve been trying to link a form I created inside Webflow to a Mailchimp account and have been getting the “Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.” message. I followed the webflow tutorial for this word by word so all is set according to the tutorial.

Finally I was able to isolate the issue to this: When I rename the class name of the form block to “mc_embed_signup” -as it is inside the mailchimp embed code- in Chrome Dev Tools, it submits the form.

However, Webflow assigns the class name of “w-form” to the form by default. So when I rename the form block class to “mc_embed_signup”, the class is displayed as “w-form mc_embed_signup” automatically in the published site and the form doesn’t submit.

Here is the read-only link:

Would you know how to get around this issue?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you post a screen shot of the page where you are getting your action link from? So I can see the Mail Chimp form there?

Thank you!

Absolutely here you go:


One thing that popped up into my head: I am building the website on webflow and temporarily hosting it on whereas the mailchimp account is configured for (which I will eventually point to)

Might that be an issue?

Yeah that could be the issue, I don’t want to say for sure. Because I have never had that problem and I use Mail Chimp as well. Everything you showed looks correct.

Gotcha, thank you man!

Also, did you have a form with only email input and nothing else like what I have?

Yes, I did. And it is working fine.

Ok :slight_smile:

For anyone facing the same issue, I ended up using the embed element and copying/pasting the embed code from Mailchimp (Unstyled version) and adding the classes I had already created within WF and tweaking it a little bit from inside the embed element within tags.

And it worked - as it is, I can not confirm that the WF form element to Mailchimp works in any other way.


Hi! I’m also struggling with this - it would be really helpful if somebody from WebFlow could tell us if this is possible…

I have my form that I designed in WF and am trying to integrate Mailchimp signup using the URL exactly as in the WF video and as @Sancar_Ayalp showed in the screenshot. But I am also getting the “Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form.” message.

Do I HAVE to use a generic form embedded from MailChimp?

I want to use the Webflow form so that I can include a GDPR compliant checkbox like so:

But I can’t see that this is possible with a mailchimp embedded form…

Hey Ailsargh,

I’ve posted in a few places but haven’t received much support on this issue.

I’d recommend to go with the embedded form but it doesn’t have to be generic. You can apply the classes you created for your other WF form so it would basically look the same as the WF form.

Just copy the code with the unstyled HTML on Mailchimp, embed it as a code block and apply the classes you applied to the other form elements.

Hey Sancar… thanks for your reply!

I’m very new to front end development so am now working through [this guide] to help me make the mailchimp form more suited to my needs. I really don’t want users to be directed through to the external mailchimp validation page so I’m trying to add native validation.

Fortunately I also worked out I need to add the GDPR field via mailchimp & am styling from there.

It sucks that this can’t just be as simple as adding the API to our webflow forms… but hey ho!

Hi @ailsargh, usually there will be a message shown in the Mailchimp response if there is a valid url used in the Action Field.

Could you please help to share the link to the published page where the mailchimp form data is not submitting?

If you have created additional fields in your mailchimp form, you will also need to make sure the form fields you are submitting match the fields you have created in your mailchimp list.

Thanks in advance

Hi @cyberdave! Thanks for your response… the page is though it appears to be working now!

Hi @cyberdave - I’ve created a new form on a page on my site called ‘signup’, which is largely the same as on the other forms except it now has an input for name.

I have the merge tag set up to match on the field name in webflow:

But a) the name tag is not being pulled through to mailchimp… and

b) I am now just getting the error message " Oops! Something went wrong while submitting the form." When I try to test it out…

Any advice?

Thanks so much!

My public link is: