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Webflow Email Notifications Segmentation

Hi Everyone,
Is there a way to segment email notifications coming from the forms on a site?
At the moment its all a cookie cut email notification - regardless of which form the notification comes from.
The information from the forms is different but the rest of the email is like a template.

I want to add specific information in the notification depending on which form it comes from…because their workflows are different.

Hey there!

At the moment, Webflow only allows for the one type of form notification, and that remains the same for all forms on the website.

A great alternative is to utilize either Zapier or Integromat to send an email notification when a form is submitted. From there, you can have it “check” what the name of the form that the entry was submitted on then, and have a different email format from there.


User Submits Form —> Zapier/Integromat gets the name of the form —> If form name = “A”, then send this email template —> If form name = “B” then send this email template.

Let me know if you need help setting something like this up! I know it is frustrating that their isn’t any native option to customize form handling. But this is the best workaround for now!