Form Submission Email Notification Help

I have 3 different forms that are active on our site. Is there a way to pick and choose which specific forms send out email notifications? I am getting requests from the people who have requested to receive the emails that they would only like them for ONE specific form only, not the other two. I’ve searched high and low for a solution with no luck. Anyone out there have a loophole? I wish this was a feature that Webflow already implemented.

The built-in Webflow forms processor doesn’t give you that option, so you have several possibilities, which include;

  1. Don’t send the emails automatically from Webflow. Capture the form results as you are currently, but then build an automation on e.g., which triggers off a new form submission. That automation can check the form name, and decide whether to email or not. You get full control over the email itself that way too, and can use GMail or something like MailJet to create very nicely formatted messages.

  2. Keep everything as normal in your current form submit notifications, BUT for forms which no one needs notifications on, use a different forms handler entirely. For example, a form which is a newsletter sign-up to Mailchimp, I send to mailchimp directly. You don’t need to use Webflow’s form handler for that, and you wouldn’t want those counting against your monthly submission limit either. Alternatively you could use a webhook to directly receive the form data, and process that however you want. Or you could simply replace the whole form with a 3rd party form solution like Jotform

Hi @suhna :wave:

You’re in luck, there is a loophole :sunglasses: and this feature is already implemented within Webflow :star_struck:

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Signup for the new Webflow Logic feature.

  • Create a native Webflow form:

  • Create a new Webflow Logic Flow.

  • Choose your form as the Trigger:

  • Choose send email notification as the Action:

  • It’s a bummer, you can only send emails to collaborators on your Webflow project :grimacing: So add whoever you want to receive these emails as a collaborator!

  • Go to your project settings, then the forms tab and find this section:

  • Remove your email from there and save changes:


Magic time

After you turn on your Logic Flow, Publish your site, fill out the form.

No notification about the form submission, just the notice you created sent to collaborators from within your Logic Flow.

Create different Logic Flows (or a conditional rule) to send to different collaborators - or none at all.

The gotcha.

There’s always gotta be one, right?

Those dern collaborators :rage:

Maybe the folks who need to receive the email can’t be added as a collaborator.

Option 2

Use Make (Integromat) or Zapier.

Send you form submission to them and have either of those glue services pop off an email for you.

Zapier has a built in email service, and Make allows you to connect your Gmail account.

Here’s a walk through of hooking up a native Webflow form to Make (Integromat) and capturing the form submissions:

Just add the Zap / Module to send an email and you’re good to.

Hope that helps!

I wish Webflow would find the time to make this native already. It’s a feature that has been requested on the forum for years. I’ve put a client off, waiting for Webflow, thinking to myself how hard can this be? I guess the client will have to pay even more for their hosting in order to bring in an outside solution. The logic workaround has a non-starter weakness with collaborators only, as far as suitability for this client.