Webflow form naming forms for diffent forms

I am using webflow forms for one site, so i have one form which is a registration form, and another one which is for a cancel form. is there a way to name them so when i receive this forms by email, the one for the registration shows up as registration, and the other for cancelation shows uo as cancellation. this way they dont all show up as webflow form emai.


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On your site’s form settings page, you have the ability to template in certain fields from your form data. Check and see if you can embed the form’s name in your email notification’s From or Subject- if not, you should be able to using a hidden field that you pull through.

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Did you find a solution for your issue ? I am having the same issue as you, I would like to distinguish the submissions I receive from webflow

IIRC, you’d write your email notification subject line as e.g. Form - {{formName}}
And it will pick up whatever form name you’ve assigned your form.

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