Notify different email accounts for different forms

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I have built this website with my team: and we have a doubt about a feature which is usually simple with other tools but we’re not finding the way to solve it with Webflow: our client needs to notify one email account (info@) if one form is filled, for general contact and another one from HR (rrhh@) if someone wants to work in the company and fills a second form.

Our client acquired Business plan and we are not finding the way to solve it. Does someone knows the way to do it? Do we really need to connect an email marketing account for this?

Thanks and looking forward to your comments!

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Webflow doesn’t support this natively, so you have a few options-

Send all notifications to an inbox like a gmail account, and use forwarding rules to identify and forward the different messages. You may be able to embed the form name in the subject using Webflow’s {{ macros }} or you can use a keyword string in a hidden field.

Use Make .com, triggered off of form submissions, to send a notification.

You can also skip Webflow’s form handler entirely and use a 3rd party one. That will give you more options. I like Basin for this, but it adds a small cost to your setup.