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Everyone has a app for everything these days, so I am voting for an app, not for the designer, since this would be too much to ask, but for the editor.

I am looking ofc at other website-builder that have it already, like squarespace, wix, jimdo, etc.

It’s simply a neat plus for the end-user when I sell him the site and tell him that she/he can even add blog-posts on the run!

Taking another look at squarespace… they have some really cool apps, and as a former squarespace-user those are something I really miss:

  • Blog - not only creating blog-posts but also checking comments,
  • Portfolio - having all your drawing to go to show them off,
  • Metrics - checking website-statistics

Jimdo did a really good job as well:

So please tell me web flow is at least panning something in this direction. I mean, if you offer a CMS-Editor you must deal with mobile as well, there is no way around these days.
Maybe for the beginning, make it possible to edit right in the browser on the phone? :smile:


Agree, it would be SUPER nice for clients to be able to edit on tablets.


Ongoing topic here: Webflow App Suggestion

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