Webflow Ecommerce Capabilities

I am developing a website for a client in Australia who needs a fully functioning Ecommerce website, she currently uses Shopify but the design capabilities are not great.

Before i started building in Webflow i was wondering does Webflow have the following Afterpay, Paypal, a secure checkout (this is very important for my client) and analytics to track customer purchases and activity?

Any help would be fantastic!


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AfterPay no
Stripe Yes
PayPal yes
Secure checkout are you referring to SSL yes

Let your customer read this


Consider the needs because Webflow is also limited with certain e-commerce abilities such as batch item discounts, coupon codes, and item filtering.

Item filtering to me isn’t the biggest in the world.

I just built a boutique e-commerce shop with Webflow and there are certain limitations so far that are actually hurting me.

A slightly cheaper and more robust workflow with Webflow e-commerce is to pay for a CMS plan and use Foxy.io to manage the e-commerce side of things. You would add Foxycart to your website via embed codes. From there you make your own foxycart account and pay for their services. You can add discount codes, coupons, and everything. They support 100+ payments including paypal.

This approach though, does not allow for certain e-commerce integrations that make e-commerce so much smoother with Webflow. So google product data feeds and facebook feeds that then connects to Instagram for product tagging.

If you go e-commerce with Webflow, you can’t do product discounts and coupon codes in batch. Only manually. This is potential destructive workflow if you’re not careful.

I think Webflow should purchase Foxycart and call it a day.


What sort of shop? Online only or physical shop as well? Lots of products? Are there any shipping & fulfilment needs? What shopify apps / integrations does she have running?

I really want to use and support Webflow ecommerce as it is getting there. If you go with Webflow, you will likely need to make extensive use of Integromat which isn’t a bad thing as it has potential to replace many average shopify apps.

Snipcart is another valid option as is building a shopify theme with webflow using Udesly.

@Lifestyledq Thanks for the mention.

@Alex3 Depending on your needs, Foxy may be a really good fit. You can learn more about our seamless integration with Webflow here: https://www.foxy.io/webflow We offer an unlimited free trial, free one-on-one on-boarding, and more. Please don’t hesitate to message us here or email hello@foxy.io.



Hi @JanneWassberg,

I’m confused by the SimilarTech link you shared, is it now possible to use Stripe to purchase things today and pay off later in instalments?

(I too am in Australia and wanting to build 2 upcoming projects in Webflow, however not being able to use Afterpay would be a big problem)


Not as far as i know