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Webflow E-Commerce - Afterpay / Zippay

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Now that Webflow Ecommerce is live are payment services such as afterpay or zip pay available to be used as payment options? Also what is the roadmap to accept paypal payments?

A little more specific timeframe would be nice.

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At the moment Webflow ecommerce only supports Stripe payments and they are planning to support PayPal payments as well.


Webflow normally doesn’t give timeframes, they normally take their time to do things professionally and deliver a well developed and robust solution.

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Any updates on this?

It’s expensive for ecommerce stores not to have these payment services integrated.

Webflow’s ecommerce comparison table starts with the similarity between theirs/Shopify’s pricing, but with no integration into payment services that drive conversion rates, the picture is incomplete.

In other words, for every sale that an ecommerce store doesn’t make because a customer doesn’t have the option of their preferred payment service, that’s effectively an added fee to Webflow’s ecommerce pricing.

And so with services like Afterpay driving monumental sales in Australia (and equivalent services doing the same in other parts of the world), Webflow’s ecommerce platform, with it’s Stripe-only implementation, is actually comparatively expensive - especially if a store achieves any sort of significant success.

I’m concerned with this because I can’t see any mention of any payment services aside from Paypal mentioned anywhere. And Paypal is still being “planned” - with no ETA.

I think almost anyone running an ecommerce store would take the implementation of Afterpay over Paypal any day of the week. Paypal/Stripe - whatever.

Afterpay/other credit services that drive conversion - now. We need them now.

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Has anyone heard anything or any updates on this? Seems it’s been stuck here for some time now and I can’t find anything to suggest you can use Afterpay with Webflow yet? Now our site is live the client has requested Afterpay but I think i’m going to have to say no sorry… which is an issue.

Updates on this? This is just going to cause traffic going into shopify which is not ideal but for afterpay and what it does its almost worth it sacrificing the code/design control…

Hi all.
Josh with Foxy here. We don’t have an AfterPay integration yet, but we do integrate with PayPal Credit and Klarna. Also, we support recurring and one-off payments.

More info about our seamless Webflow integration can be found here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need help getting started:


Hi @aaronocampo - I built an e-commerce site using webflow - my client has just asked for a new website away from webflow that is able to accomodate things like afterpay and zip - his buisness really needs this - but because I can’t give him any idea of when it might be that these common features are going to be on webflow ( he’s asked and asked and I can’t give him an answer as there is just radio silence from webflow on here about it ) So not only now have we likely lost a client, webflow is loosing a customer willing to have their website hosted on their platform. I’m sure like lots of other people - we just need some indication of when this feature might be available if at all? thank you