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E-commerce questions

Hello guys,

I’ve been using webflow for a while and it’s amazing. The thing is I’ve mostly done static websites, but now we are being hired to make an e-commerce site, so I have a couple of questions:

-If I pay for the e-commerce plan and want to integrate shopify, do I have to pay for both companies plans? Meaning I get a 5% cut of my sells if I choose the basic plans? (why not use only shopify in that case?)

-I have seen a plugin, but I’m unsure if it’s actually worth it or the integration can be done manually and work fine.

-In my country, Chile, websites use a local payment site called Webpay. Is it possible to make it work with webflow? webpay

Thank you in advance,


Hi @rpuchulu,

Let me first off say congrats on getting your e-commerce site.

Best to just tell you that Webflow e-com does not support Webpay. At this time Stripe is only available. PayPal is on its way but has yet to be released.

There are 3rd party options for e-com, such as @foxy that integrates with Webflow CMS and does offer Webpay support.

As for Shopify, there is no direct integration with them and Webflow. You would have to use the Buy button feature. If you have more than say 12 products it is not recommended as it is all manual support. You can try using the Udesly plugins for SHopify or WP if you choose to go that route.

You can also integrate Ecwid into Webflow, although there is not direct integration just embed code.

Hope that helps you a bit better.

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@WebDev_Brandon Thank you for the mention.

@rpuchulu We don’t currently support WebPay, but we do integrate with 100+ payment gateways and alternate payment methods, so I’m confident we can get you taken care of.

More info about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help with anything at all. We’re glad to do it.


Thank you so much @WebDev_Brandon your response is crystal clear.
It is a pity that webflow does not yet support billing option for Chile. I would love to use it, but I rather minimize risks of integration given that this is our first e-com site.

Mercadopago seems to work in Chile! @foxy I’ll take a look if our client would use it and do the calculation on how much is the final cost. Thank you!

Hi @rpuchulu.
Sounds like a plan. Foxy + Webflow brings a lot of ecommerce power features and is less expensive than Webflow Ecommerce alone.


Hello, I am a web designer in Trinidad & Tobago. A small island in the Caribbean. I am designing an Ecommerce site with approximately 1,500 products. The main product line with 900 items is GNC live well products. I have no experience in coding or Ecommerce. Some of the features I want to offer on the check out product page are not possible in Webflow at the moment. e.g. When you are on the check out page I would like to mouse over the main image and have the image zoom in and keep the zoom while you scroll around the image. In addition to this feature I would like to have smaller thumbnails of this product showing different views. Once you mouse over or click on the thumbnail it will change the main image in the larger main view of the product.

I have ben reading up on foxy. Can these features be done on foxy?


Hi Greg.
Thank you for your message. Do cart images on the checkout need to have a zoom feature? If so, that’s possible since you can add custom html, css, and js to all Foxy related templates. For images on your product pages, this would be handled inside of Webflow’s Designer.

Definitely let us know if you have any follow up questions or need help getting started.


Hi Josh, thanks for replying. It will be on the product page so I will have to get help on Webflow side.
However, I am very interested in using foxy for the checkout. I am early into the design of the site and have the approval from my client to proceed. I am already signed up with the e-commerce standard plan with Webflow and have been testing CMS in Ecommerce. If I use foxy do I continue importing products into the e-commerce section or do I import into CMS Collections.

Hi Greg.
Thank you for confirming. To answer your question, you can use Webflow Ecommerce to manage your products and pass orders through Foxy. This will require both a Webflow Ecommerce plan and a Foxy plan.

The recommended approach is to use Webflow’s CMS. A CMS plan with a Foxy plan will cost less than Webflow Ecommerce by itself and bring lots of powerful ecommerce functionality into your Webflow website.

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions.


Hi Brandon,

I am looking for some expert help to guide me how best to develop this E-commerce site with Webflow and foxy.

Hi Greg.
Feel free to reach out and we can help you get started and/or connect you with someone who can set things up for you if you’re not comfortable setting things up yourself.



I would like some help with this site. What do I do next?


Now seeing this

(The recommended approach is to use Webflow’s CMS. A CMS plan with a Foxy plan will cost less than Webflow Ecommerce by itself and bring lots of powerful ecommerce functionality into your Webflow website.)

Ok great this clears up that question. Thanks! I will change the plan back to CMS plan. Another question. We use Royal Bank of Canada here in Trinidad and they have recently started offering a payment gateway for e-commerce sites. I am meeting with them next week. What do I to ask them to make sure that foxy can integrate their system.

Hi Greg.
No problem at all. Foxy integrates with 100+ gateways and alternate payment methods. You’ll just want to ensure that your bank’s offering works with one of these gateways: Let us know if you have any follow up questions.


Hola Rodolfo, qué tal?
Una pregunta, al final integraste MercadoPago con Webflow? o pudiste encontrar una solución para usar Webpay? O construiste el sitio en otra plataforma? Me serviría mucho tu experiencia. Saludos.

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Hola Constaze.
Mercado pago si se puede integrar con foxy y viene con todas las funcionalidades que trae CMS.
Webpay no se puede integrar por ahora, pero la verdad es que mercadopago funciona igual o mejor.
Llevo más de un año haciendo sitios con webflow y si bien hay que ingeniárselas un poco como integrar javascript o usar Github para algunas funciones, me encanta para diseñar sitios que quieran salir de lo convencional y es super fácil para los clientes de manejar la plataforma después de una pequeña capacitación.

Saludos y mucha suerte.

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Hola, muchas gracias por la respuesta.

Pregunta: ¿Cuándo tú realizas el pago en WebFlow te deja agregar la opción de Foxy o antes de realizar el pago se puede?

Hola. Para confirmar, Foxy reemplazará al 100% la funcionalidad de comercio electrónico de Webflow. Esto incluye el pago, el recibo, las integraciones de puerta de enlace de Webflow Ecommerce, los formularios para agregar al carrito, etc.

Si tiene varios productos para administrar, este tutorial cubre la mayoría de los casos de uso: Manage multiple products with Webflow CMS |

No dude en comunicarse si podemos ser de ayuda:


I need both Shopify and eCommerce development, very well.