Ecommerce checkout limitations?

I would really like basic parity with a Shopify checkout experience, or at least open up the ability to use Stripe Web Elements. Specifically, need payment options that depend on country of user (e.g. Singapore users have their typical payment methods, we’re active there as a company). Would also really like to show different address fields depending on the country. Webflow support said doing this means not using an Ecommerce plan (due to Stripe JS conflict reasons I believe) and building out on own with the Stripe API. Only problem is I do need an Ecommerce plan because we are planning for thousand+ products, so I don’t think I can do a custom checkout without an Ecommerce plan.

I also really just need on Checkout page a couple more Additional Info fields than the 3, in particular a “Company Name” field is a must. I’m already using phone & text area (“notes for order”). I realise I can use a pre-checkout page form and collect whatever I want, but it would be easier for Webflow to add another field or two for use.

I’m considering using Webflow for front end and duplicating all products/images into Shopify and redirecting onto a branded Shopify checkout page, so I can still use all the awesome custom design features of Webflow but still have a world class ecommerce checkout experience. Has anyone tried this?

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Hi @FlowingFlow.
Josh with Foxy here. We’re chatting via email, but wanted to confirm that much of what you’re after can be accomplished with Foxy + Webflow:

Here to help if anyone has questions:


Quick update, there’s a service where you can use Shopify on backend and Webflow on frontend: Shopyflow, have been chatting with them, means I would abandon Ecommerce and setup all products as CMS items (eg “products collection”), all my product data would sync over from Shopify once I entered into Shopify (so only entering product data on Shopify side moving forward), and then I filter out product types on my various category pages (static pages). In theory it sounds good but I will have to test it out, can report back if anyone else is in my boat. Will probably have to test out Foxy too so thank you Josh!

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No problem at all. Here to help if you need anything. Have a great weekend!