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Webflow E-Commerce Google Feed Errors

I have 76 products in my Webflow E-Commerce Store.

The webflow store works as intended with /product pages, and checkout (Stripe, Paypal, Affirm)

I have the Google Feed with all products on Webflow Ecommerce > Integrationsd > Google Feed

Products on the Feed match up good.

I have the feed in my Merchant Center Account:
Its producing the following errors:

  • Incompatible shipping service for some orders - 100%
  • Missing value [tax] - 100%
  • Missing value [shipping] - 100%

Isn’t WF-ECOMMERCE Google Feed supposed to populate these fields for me based on WF tax and shiipping rules?

On Merchant Center I already have Tax and Shipping rules defined.

Still getting same errors above.

Thank you.