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BUG’s in Facebook and Google integration’s eCommerce

BUG’s in Facebook and Google integration’s

Did some testing with the Facebook and Google integration and Webflow eCommerce. Found some bug’s and things that should be changed.

Some issues are the same for both Facebook and Google



I’m not sure but it looks like the Swedish price format is not accepted (values bigger the 999 SEK). Prices less then 1 000,00 works (999,00 SEK) but prices bigger then 1 000,00 do not work. My guess is the Swedish format with 1 space as a separator is causing the problem. Webflow should handle this regardless of currency setup.

All products are missing the TAG google_product_category.


All products are missing the TAG google_product_category, but Google seems to handle this internal.

Facebook & Google

We need an option to configure what data is sent to both Facebook and Google. The reason of that is that we might need to send custom fields to get the correct information in the feeds.

  • The Store Name is passed as Brand to both feeds. This is a big problem for all sites selling products from other brands. In this case a Beauty Salon selling products from different brands, will show the wrong brand for the product. The correct brand is not passed in the file, the Store name is passed as the brand.

  • Product type is passed from the Categories collection in Webflow. I need to change this one to use a custom field in my collection otherwise wrong information is sent in the feed.

  • The weight of the product is not passed in the feed. Without weight Facebook and Google can’t calculate freight.

We must be able to configure the feed with extra options to be passed and use custom fields instead of default fields. One field I really need to change is the description field.

I need to send the description from my custom Rich Text Field. The text field do not work as a description.

Google product type and brand

Facebook product type and brand

I had the same problem with the google_product_category column. I also wonder where the data would come from, as I can’t recall seeing a field for them on the CMS (and finding the right code is not something that would happen automatically.) Seems like we should request adding that as a field to the CMS?

Sorry–by same problem I meant it’s missing.

I assume that by “Google seems to handle internally” @ JanneWassberg means that it is accepted, which is true (FB accepts the feed anyway). But lacking the category codes diminishes their ability to target, etc.

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