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Google Merchant Setup

Hi all!

I’m looking to set up google merchant, so far all the instructions were clear and simple. That said, I’m getting an error from google that is coming from the way I’ve set up my products in webflow and I’m not sure what I need to do to move passed it.

Please specify at least one active shipping method for each targeted country, either in the ‘shipping’ attribute or in your account settings. Make sure that the shipping method is applicable to this item. For example, carrier-calculated rates have a limit on weight and are not applicable to heavy items.
+ We offer flat rate shipping to all of our products

Tax must be specified in the ‘tax’ attribute or in your account settings.
+ We’re selling coffee so there are no taxes applied

Thank you in advance!

Just as added info here is a screenshot of my shipping panel:

and one of our tax panel:

Another common shipping error is: Too few subattributes for attribute: shipping

The shipping attribute needs to look like this: GB::United Kingdom only 1st Class Royal Mail:0.00 GBP