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Webflow designer is acting glitchy

Hi everyone,

My webflow designer was functioning exceptionally well until 2 hours back, when the changes I make on the designer has been behaving extremely glitchy. If I add padding for my hero section, it glitches and takes close to 10 seconds to reflect it back on the designer.

It is not just that, no matter what change I try to make, the designer is lagging by 5 -6 seconds before the update is shown.

Here is a video that shows this in detail.

It all started when I wanted to add a png image of size 2 MB. I am not sure if they are both related. Would anyone be aware of why this is happening? I have a video recording of the same as well.

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Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - BiFrost

The part where you remove the image to see if it affects the designer would probably be a good test for a start.

Looks like it was a choppy internet connection and it had nothing to do with the image. Tried modifying the same section today and had no issue.